Benefits of Sharing a Law Office

  If you're an attorney or member of a law firm, you should consider sharing an office with another law firm. At first thought, some people may brush off this idea, as they don't want to be closely associated with other laws, but there are countless to doing so. If you're interested in sharing a law office, keep reading and I'll tell you why it's a good idea and what you need to know to get started.

The fact is that most law firms don't need all of the space they lease. While most of this unnecessary space becomes extra storage for secretarial supplies or other miscellaneous items, you could be making money from it by sub-leasing it out to other law firms. Times are tough right now for law firms big or small and making money from your law firms unused space is an excellent way to add another stream of residual income to your portfolio. Just think, if you're sub-leading part a portion of your office that's not being used for $700 per month, that's an extra $8,400 a year in your law firms pocket. However, the benefits of sharing a law office don't end here.

When you share an office with other attorneys, you'll be in close proximity to other law professionals. As long as you aren't competing against other on the same cases (which is highly unlikely), having other attorneys close by will be a valuable asset. Whether you need to ask them questions regarding litigation or just have a friendly chat about the day, you'll find there are many advantages to having like-minded neighbors.

A lesser known benefit that comes from sharing a law office is that it's usually already optimized for attorneys and law professionals. Unfortunately, most offices for lease or sale don't have the proper set-up for attorneys. They're either too small or not functional for a law office to properly operate in. However, if there's already a law firm in the building, chances are they've modified and done some restructuring to optimize the property for law practice.

The fact is that you can turn any office into a suitable location to run a firm. Although, with so many benefits to sharing a law office, it's hard to justify leasing one solely for your firm. Essentially, the whole idea of sharing a law office is a you scratch my back, I scratch yours kind of deal. Sure, you could rent out an entire building just for your firm, but you're going to be wasting a lot of unused space.

There are several websites on the internet which help connect firms who have extra office space with individuals or attorneys seeking to rent that unused space. Depending on which website you use, there may or may not be a broker charge For those interested in sharing a law office, check them out and look to see what's available in your area today. You'd better hurry though, as attorneys across the nation are jumping on the bandwagon of sharing an office.

n order to truly generate more law office leads, it is vital that you do your part to enhance public awareness of your law office. Below you will find some of the best methods of generating law office leads and getting more clients to visit your law office:

1.) Partner Referrals

The best way to get local clientele for your law office and generate more leads is by getting your current and former clients to refer customers to your office. If you won a difficult case for a client in the past, you will find that they are often much more likely to refer someone to your business than to a lawyer they don't know. You will often only need to ask people to refer their friends and acquaintances to your law office, especially if you have a good rapport with those former clients. The more people you have informing others about your services, the more likely you will be to generate law office leads through the best method of advertising: word of mouth.

2.) Cold Calls

While cold calling is one of the least favorite methods of generating any kinds of leads, you may find that cold calling will work effectively. Effective cold calling requires a good deal of preparation on your part, as you will want to draft a quick, effective speech that will provide others with information on who you are and what you are, as well as what you can do for them. You will need to invest a good deal of time into planning your cold calls, but you will find that effective cold calls can be one of the best ways to generate leads for your firm. You should take the time to do some research online as to how to make effective cold calls, and you may find that cold calling will become fun for you as you get better and better.

3.) Seminars

Seminars are an excellent way to increase public awareness of your law office. Giving a seminar on a topic upon which you are an expert can help to share vital information with the public, while helping to place you and your business in the public eye. While you may not like speaking live, being able to give a live seminar on any topic related to law will be a valuable way to attract visitors to your law office. If you can pare down the details and make your seminar as simple and easy to understand as possible, people will take note that you are interested in helping them. They will feel much more comfortable visiting your law office to investigate further into your services.

4.) Trade Shows

Trade shows are an excellent method of generating law office leads, though it may be hard to find a trade show related to your law practice. If you can find a trade show that will give you a chance to promote yourself and your law practice, you will find that thousands of people interested in exactly that topic will be attending. It is hard to find a more focused and attentive audience than at a trade show, and you may find that it is one of the best places for you to generate these leads.

5.) Mailings

Weekly, monthly, or bi-monthly mailings can be incredibly effective at helping to increase visitors coming to your law office. Every time that you meet a new client, get his home or work address. Obtain his permission to send him a mailing, and be faithful to send out those regular letters. Even if your client doesn't need your law services, it is more than likely that he may know someone who is in need of legal counsel. By sending out regular mailings, you are keeping yourself and your law office in the minds of those who would be more than likely to recommend your services.

6.) Advertising

When it comes to increasing public awareness, an effective advertising campaign is the best way to do so. You will need to create advertisements that are targeted at your specific type of clients, but you can easily advertise in many different communication media to broadcast your law firm. Radio ads, TV spots, billboards, commercials, and many other types of advertising are available to you, and you will find that your advertising potential is only as limited as your creativity.

7.) Internet Marketing

Internet marketing is the most effective form of advertising in this day and age, thanks to the fact that more people are turning to the internet to provide their information. In order to increase public awareness of your law office, you need to look into all the different online advertising and marketing methods. Get a website made for your law office, and start marketing your services on the internet through AdSense, PPC advertising, social network marketing, and any other method of advertising that may seem a viable option. You will find that using the Internet will ensure that a far broader spectrum of potential customers is informed about who you are and what you do.

8.) Emails

Sending out a regular email to your clients, friends, and acquaintances will also increase your chance of getting more visitors to your law office. The more people know about your services, your reputation, and your success rate as a law office, the more interested they will be in retaining your services in their legal problems. Sending out emails can help to remind people of who you are and what you do, and your clients will remember that you were instrumental in helping them solve their legal problems. They will be much more likely to refer you to those they know that need legal help as well.


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